The Land Records Department handles the filing of all Conveyances, Mortgages, and other instruments relating to real estate. These records are entered on a daily register, indexed and then bound in the proper record books/public computers maintained for their respective categories. Our Land Records start in 1802 and our computer records start in 1973.


      Conveyance records consist of all deeds, exchanges, partitions, judgments recognizing heirs and other instruments, the effect of which is to transfer real property or interests and rights therein. Oil and gas leases, mineral sales, royalty deeds, rights of way are also included in the class of instruments recorded in the Conveyance Records.


      Mortgage records contain mortgages, judgments, liens and other encumbrances affecting real estate. Cancellation of these instruments is effected by a marginal notation made on the record when a proper voucher evidencing payment or satisfaction thereof is presented and filed. Mortgage certificates are also provided by the Land Records Department.


      Other records maintained in the Land Records are Bond Records, Corporation Charters, Partnerships, Certificates of Trade Names, Oath of Offices of Public Officials, Marriage Licenses, etc. Each recorded instrument must be indexed for reference.




      UCC filings are accepted by the local Clerk of Court and are filed numerically and indexed in the Statewide data base.  A certificate setting forth UCC filings (UCC-11) are available for fees set by the State.  A search in any parish will reflect statewide filings.



Effective November 1, 2012


Indexing        $  5.00 per name


Recording - First page (per book)       $25.00

 Each subsequent page (per book)       $10.00

 *Includes 1 inscription/notation (if more add $5.00 per inscription)


 *If document is 10 pages or more, $25.00 for first then each page  $  8.00

 (Except for Multiple Indebtedness Mortgages $25/10)   


 Money Judgments/Liens (regular recording fees with last four digits of Soc. Sec. #)

                 If NO Social Security Number, CCP Art 1922 add …….. $25.00


Maps (if attached to document per page fee if letter or legal size)   $10.00


 Recorded alone and size is up to 24” x 24”     $25.00


 Recorded alone and size is larger than 24” x 24”    $50.00


Cancellation of Mortgages/Judgments           Same as Recording Fees and Indexing


Certification         $  5.00

Copies                  $ 1.00

Notary Fee           $  5.00


Real Estate Mortgage Certificates and Clear Lien Certificates

       ($20.00 for the first name & $10.00 for each additional name Per Definable Property

        $1.00 for exceptions after ten.) 


For purposes of establishing the filing and recording fee, every document filed for recordation


 SHALL be captioned as to type of act on the first page

 SHALL have on the first page a margin of two (2) inches at the top

 SHALL have one inch margin at the bottom and sides

 SHALL not have type size smaller than 8 point (This is 8 point.)


For any document not in compliance, there SHALL be an additional TEN DOLLAR ($10.00) non-compliance fee.






Updated 10/25/2012