Clyde R. Webber, Jr.

Clerk of Court - 7th JDC

Concordia Parish





     The Criminal Department handles the filing of all formal charges from the 7th Judicial District

Attorney’s Office in Concordia Parish, Louisiana. This department handles all felony charges that fall under the Louisiana Code of Criminal Procedures and occur within the Parish. Misdemeanor charges are handled in the City Courts when they occurred in the city limits; otherwise, if they occurred outside of the city limits, our office receives a Bill of Information or an Indictment formally charging the

accused in  our Courts. This department also handles the filing and maintaining of Juvenile Records (which are not open to the public) and Office of Family Service Cases (OCS).


     The Criminal Department has a Minute Clerk who types a brief outline of what happens in court, keeps all evidence admitted into the record, and administers the oath to all witnesses and jurors. The Criminal Department also has a processing Clerk who handles all incoming mail, issues subpoenas and bench warrants, and files any other motions and orders into the record.


     The Criminal Department also performs criminal history searches of our records at a cost of $25.00 per name. Our computer records begin in 1980, but we can research further back if needed. If any

copies are needed, they may be provided at a cost of $1.00 per page and to have a Certified Copy will cost $5.00 extra.



For further information please call the criminal department at 1-318-336-4204






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